Jarrah Holt is a Sydney-based Game Designer who strives to create the most interesting and memorable experiences for players.

He has worked on award-winning mobile hits such as 3DTD: Chicka Invasion and No Humanity.

When he isn’t glued to his computer designing mechanics or game systems, he can be found in the mosh pit at a punk-rock concert, or out exploring the world catching Pokémon.

He is currently looking for exciting new
projects to work on 
. You can reach him at jarrah.holt@gmail.com or on Twitter at @harrahjolt

Commercial Projects

3DTD: Chicka Invasion

Sweaty Chair Studio
iOS | Android

A 3D / AR Tower Defense game, that allows the map to be rotated freely in 360°.
With a unique physics engine, that creates interesting ways to play.

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No Humanity

Sweaty Chair Studio

iOS | Android

The hardest bullet hell game on Android and iOS. Get ready to dodge everything that is trying to kill you! Your reaction time and precision is key!


Windows | MacOS

An educational platform, powered by blockchain technology. Block42 introduces students to STEAM Learning, whilst inspiring creativity through simple coding, 3D modelling and animation tools.


Friends Must Dungeon (2018)

Friends Must Dungeon

Sweaty Chair
iOS | Android


A brand new action-packed first-person shooter, where your closest friends are your greatest enemies!

Platform Styx (2017)

Platform Styx

Monea Games
Windows | MacOS | Linux


A surreal first-person experience, created for Ludum Dare 38 in 24 hours.

Ome (2016)


Monea Games


A 2D puzzle platformer where your power to control the day / night cycle affects the world around you.

DRON (2016)


Aether Entertainement



A single-player time trial racing game, inspired by real-life drone racing and the neon aesthetic of Disney's Tron.

Arcane Writer (2016)

Arcane Writer

Very Good Games inc.


A dark dungeon crawler RPG, where your words are your key to survival.

Subject #44 (2015)

The Killer Monkeys


A top-down puzzle, stealth game where you play as a monkey who is trying to escape an evil research facility.


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Sydney NSW, Australia

PH: 0450917983

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