3DTD: Chicka Invasion


iOS, Android

Tools Used:

Unity 5


3 Weeks (Post-launch)

Team Size:



Game Designer, QA Tester,
Live App Analyst



3dTD: Chicka invasion is a 3D / AR Tower Defense game developed for iOS and Android devices.

Like most tower defense games, the goal of the player is to survive a number of enemy waves, by using currency to build and upgrade various towers and traps.

What sets 3dTD apart from other tower defense games, is the ability to build in 3 dimensions (including AR) which allows for a more immersive and challenging experience.

Gameplay Video

Detailed Info

Gameplay Design

  • Designed new gameplay event themed around the 2018 Russian World Cup; which included new enemies, towers and levels, and featuring itsown leaderboard system

  • Redesigned tutorial to make the initial experience less confusing and overall more enjoyable, which aided with keeping DAU retained.

  • Balanced overall difficulty curve to improve challenge scaling (first levels easier, end levels harder)

Live App Analyst

  • Used Google Play and Apple App Store analytics to suggest features that effect the initial gameplay experience, which in turn improved 1 day and 7 day retention quite considerably.