Arcane Writer (2016)



Tools Used:

Unity 5, Photoshop CC,



13 Weeks

Team Size:



Game Designer, Voice Actor,
Level Designer



“The Legend of Grimrock meets Zork...”

Arcane Writer is a dark, atmospheric dungeon crawler where the player interacts with enemies the environment using text commands.


The player must use the power of their words to solve puzzles, battle fierce monsters and escape the dungeon they have been imprisoned in.


Detailed Info

Gameplay Design

  • Proposed the original concept, and fleshed out the idea and gameplay mechanics.

  • Designed traps and puzzle scenarios

Level Design

  • Mocked up layouts for both the tutorial and first level

  • Implemented level layouts into Unity and populated the scenes with various assets to build up the dungeon-esque atmosphere

Audio / SFX

  • Voiced one of the dungeon guards that is seen in the intro sequence

  • Edited and exported voice lines to be implemented into the game