Tools Used:

Unity 5, Trello



Team Size:



Game Designer, QA Lead,
Project Manager, Scrum Master,
Content Creator, Sales rep



Block42 is a STEAM-focused educational platform, powered by blockchain technology.

This platform was designed to allow students, ranging from primary school to late highschool, to express their creativity whilst learning core concepts of STEAM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths).

It also gives students the tools to create their own lessons / games to teach the next generation of creative students.

During early testing, Block42 was brought to various schools around the Sydney metro area, to teach students STEAM subjects whilst giving an insight into the creative industry; such as the games industry.

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Gameplay Video

Detailed Info

Gameplay Design

  • Designed and pitched the core mechanics of the game including; the modelling system, building mechanics, scripting system

  • Refined UI and other systems to improve overall UX of the game, creating the most fun and exciting learning experience for all ages


  • As QA lead, I managed a team of QA to create test plans, carry out testing and generate bug reports

  • Lead each sprint to ensure the team wasn't falling behind schedule, proposing cuts to features or adjustments if iterations of the project weren't going to make deadlines

Content Creation

  • As a contractor, I created various "lessons" as content for Block42 that would teach students basic fundamentals of programming, maths and animation

Sales Rep

  • As a sales rep, I visited various schools around the Sydney metro area to present 30min-1hr workshops. Each workshop aimed to teach students a subject (Geography, Maths, IT / Programming, Animation) through the us of the games tools and mechanics.