DRON (2016)



Tools Used:

Unreal Engine 4, Photoshop CC, Maya, Premiere Pro CC


12 Weeks

Team Size:



Game Designer, 3D Modeller,
Level Designer, Video Editor



Dron is a fast paced tron-esque time trial racer. In which you must hide, blast, shoot and speed past enemies that are trying to prevent you from reaching your rightful place as first on the leaderboard. 

Dron's tracks are based on real-world drone racing locations, designed to test the pilot's skills and reflexes.

Dron also allows the player to use a custom controller to feel more immersed in the intense racing.

Gameplay Video

Detailed Info

Gameplay Design

  • Designed core gameplay mechanics; flight controls, scoring.

  • Designed a peripheral controller (seen above), specifically created to be used to play Dron

3D Modelling / Texturing

  • Created models and textures for the race track environment

  • Created complex materials; such as the hologram barrier

Level Design

  • Designed the layout of Dron's race track, based off a real world drone racing track in Zappos HQ, Las Vegas

Video Editing

  • Recorded and edited the gameplay trailer (seen above) in Adobe Premiere Pro