Friends Must Dungeon


iOS, Android

Tools Used:

Unity 5, Trello,

Photoshop CC


6 Months

Team Size:



Game Designer, QA Tester,
Project Manager


A brand new action-packed first-person shooter where your closest friends are your greatest enemies!

Take photos of your friends and transform them into menacing monsters. Save your true friends and make them work inside your ever-growing dungeon. Acquire various weapons and resources to aid your quest to SAVE THE WORLD!

As of May 2019, Friends Must Dungeon is no longer available for download.

Gameplay Video

Detailed Info

QA testing

  • When I first joined the project my main role was QA tester. during this time I would create and carry out test plans, and produce bug reports based on my findings.

Gameplay Design

  • Reworked core gameplay to make it appealing to a broader audience

  • Designed and proposed the mechanics for the dungeon management meta game 

Project Management

  • Lead the team through each sprint, making sure that features would be implemented for each deadline, and adjusting scope or cutting back features if they couldn't