Ome (2016)



Tools Used:

Unity 5, Photoshop CC, Audacity


26 Weeks

Team Size:



Game Designer, UI Designer,
Sprite Artist / Animator,
Additional Sound Designer



Ome is a 2D puzzle platformer, where your power to control the day / night cycle affects the world around you. You play as Ome, who represents balance within the natural word. A mysterious dark force has drained you of most of your power. Use what you have left to find the source of the evil and put a stop to it before it corrupts the world you live in.

Ome was completed in 2016, as my major project for the completion of my degree in Game Development: Game Design.

Gameplay Video

Detailed Info

Gameplay Design

  • Designed core gameplay mechanics; such as the Day / Night control and puzzle interaction

  • Designed gameplay loop to fit classic platformer games; HUB world -> Choose level -> Solve puzzles -> Reach end gate -> Return to HUB

Narrative Design

  • Developed the theme and premise of Ome / Research into Aztec gods and mythology to create a unique narrative

2D Art / Animation

  • Using Photoshop, hand drew all spritesheets in the game

  • Also created all background, foreground and UI assets

  • Using Unity's animator timeline, implemented and animated all sprite animations in the game

Audio / SFX

  • Using Audacity, mixed / edited all SFX for interactions and other gameplay feedback