Platform Styx (2017) 


Windows, Mac, Linux

Tools Used:

Unity 5, Photoshop CC,
Maya, Audacity



Team Size:



Game Designer, 3D Modeller,
Sound Designer, Level Designer



Created for Ludum Dare 38, Platform Styx is a lo-fi, atmospheric exploration game created in Unity. The game was conceptualised and developed within 72 hours by Monea Games, an indie dev team of 4 people (including myself), with the help of a 3D modeller friend. 

The theme for Ludum Dare 38 was "A Small World", so our intent was to create a game that featured a variety of "small worlds" that the player would traverse through. This led to the concept of train carriages representing different worlds, and thus the creation of Platform Styx. 

Platform Styx was well received by the Ludum Dare community and was ranked #19th in the mood category. 

Gameplay Video

Detailed Info

Concept Design

  • Worked closely with the team to produce the initial concept of multiple rooms representing different, unique worlds

  • Drew inspiration from Greek mythology, and The River Styx to tie in some elements from the myth into the games narrative

Audio / SFX

  • Recorded and edited Foley for most SFX found in the game; including train carriage sounds

Level Design

  • Designed layout for train carriages

  • Populated assets for the "news" carriage

3D Modelling / Texturing

  • Using Photoshop and Maya, created various models and textures for Newspapers and "news" carriage assets.