Subject #44 (2015)



Tools Used:

Unity 5, Photoshop CC,

Visual Studio (C#)


13 Weeks

Team Size:



Game Designer, 2D Artist
Gameplay Programmer



Subject #44 is a satirical top-down, single player stealth game about a monkey trying to escape a secure research facility. 


The game features a combination of 3D and 2D art to give depth and stylised look to the environment, whilst still maintaining a consistent,
retro art style.

Subject #44 was developed during my first year of my degree, during a studio unit which aimed to simulate a real-world industry working environment.

Gameplay Video

Detailed Info

Gameplay Programming

  • Programmed enemy AI, using a node-based patrol system

  • Programmed the Character controller; including movement and interaction

  • Programmed the pickup / power up system

2D Art

  • Created assets for pickups; including the access cards, ID cards